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Cheeseworld :: Cheesemakers

Not all the cheesemakers we work with have their own website, but here is a list of all those currently available (listed under their different cheeses, in alphabetical order):

Applebys Cheshire & Double Gloucester Applebys of Hawkstone |
Ardrahan Ardrahan Cheese |
Bartlett Wootton Organic Dairy |
Beenleigh Blue & Harbourne Blue Ticklemore Cheese |
Berkswell Ram Hall | no website at present
Cashel Blue & Crozier Blue Cashel Blue |
Colston Bassett Stilton & Shropshire Blue Colston Bassett & District Dairy |
Coolea Coolea Cheese |
Cornish Yarg Lynher Dairy |
Cotherstone Cotherstone Cheese Company | no website at present
Cravero Parmigiano G Cravero dal 1855 |
Doddington Doddington Dairy |
Dorstone | Ragstone | Finn | Perroche
Crème Fraiche | Greek Style Yoghurt & Strained
Neals Yard Creamery |
Durrus Durrus |
Feta, Barrel Aged Roussas Dairy |
Gorwydd Caerphilly Trethowans Dairy |
Gubbeen Gubbeen Farmhouse Products |
Hafod Holden Farm Dairy |
Innes Log Highfields Farm Dairy |
Isle of Mull Cheddar Sgriob-ruadh Farm Dairy |
Keen’s Cheddar Keen's Cheddar Ltd |
Kirkham's Lancashire Mrs Kirkhams Lancashire |
Lincolnshire Poacher F W Read & Sons Ltd |
Milk, Cream & Clotted Cream Ivy House Farm Dairy |
Milleens Milleens Cheese |
Montgomerys Cheddar | Ogleshield & Danegeld J A & E Montgomery| no website at present
Mozzarella La Credenza |
Seators Orkney Grimbister Farm Cheese | no website at present
Single Gloucester, Smart’s Smarts Gloucester Cheese |
Sparkenhoe Red Leicester The Leicestershire Handmade Cheese Co |
Stawley & Wellesley Hill Farm Dairy |
St Gall Fermoy Naturay Cheese | no website at present
St James & Swallet Holker Farm Dairy |
St Tola Inagh Farmhouse Cheese |
Stichelton Stichelton Dairy Ltd |
Stinking Bishop Charles Martell & Son Ltd |
Strathdon Blue Highland Fine Cheeses |
Ticklemore Sharpham Dairy |
Tunworth Hampshire Cheeses |
Childwickbury Childwickbury Goats Cheese | no website at present
Waterloo | Wigmore & Spenwood Village Maid Cheese |
Wensleydale, Hawes The Wensleydale Creamery |
Westcombe Cheddar, Westcombe Ricotta
& Duckett's Caerphilly
Westcombe Dairy |

Cheeseworld :: Miscellaneoys

These are websites we find interesting and thought you might like to know about:

The Specialist Cheesemakers Association
The Specialist Cheesemakers Association represents artisan cheesemakers to Government bodies and aims to promote excellence in British cheesemaking and raise its profile.  They also advise cheesemakers on legislation, best practice, microbiology and food safety.  Randolph helped to form the organisation in 1989 and was its first chairman, returning as chairman again between 2002 and 2010.
The Specialist Cheesemakers Association has worked with SALSA to set up a cheese-specific food standard which cheesemakers can be audited against.  This means that they are asked to meet relevant and meaningful criteria without overburdening paperwork but still meeting the requirements to provide due diligence records..  The scheme also allows for a cheesemaker to be mentored by a knowledgeable dairy consultant to help develop a simple, effective and efficient quality system.
Provision Trade Federation
We have been members of the PTF since 2001.  We have found their advice on legislation and their input with Government and other organisations very useful.
Irish Farmhouse Cheesemakers Association
In 1970 a group of cheesemakers in Ireland began to make cheese on the farm, a big contrast to the larger scale factory cheeses that were the only types made before then.  In 1983 CAIS was formed to promote and help these farm cheeses become established, prosper and encourage new cheesemakers.  Among the founding cheesemakers were the Steele family, the Ferguson family and the Willems whose cheeses Milleens, Gubbeen and Coolea we have been selling since the early 80s.
American Cheese Society
We have exported cheese to the USA since the 1990s and through our work out there have got to know some of the artisan cheesemakers making farm cheese.  The American Cheese Society is a non profit organisation that promotes farmstead American cheese and includes cheesemakers, retailers and academics who are all committed to developing a home grown artisanal cheese industry.
Larcher Consulting
Ivan Larcher is a French cheese consultant who has made cheese all over the world and who offers technical advice and consultancy to many of our suppliers.  His help has been particularly invaluable to cheesemakers making continental style cheeses which we in the UK have less knowledge about.

School of Artisan Food

The School of Artisan Food exists to teach all aspects of artisan food production. It offers a unique opportunity for people of all skill levels to expand their knowledge through Demonstrations, short courses, and, from 2010, a Degree in Artisan Food.  It is set on the Welbeck Estate, where Stichelton is made and the school and its founders are passionate about good quality, wholesome food. They believe that communities are forged around food, and that knowing where food comes from and how to make it is a vital part of everybody’s culture, contributing to our health and well-being.
London Gastronomy Seminars
Our Cheese Buyer, Bronwen Percival and her husband Francis are involved in running a series of seminars on a variety of food topics.  Past seminars have included discussion on flavour in wine and coffee and the evolution of cheddar cheese.
Monmouth Coffee
Monmouth Coffee Company is our sister company, owned and run by Randolph's wife Anita Le Roy.  Their approach to the Arabica coffees that they buy, roast and sell has many parallels to ours with cheese.  They travel extensively visiting farms, estates and co-operatives, tasting coffees and talking in depth with the producers in order to learn more and looking for interesting varietals and new small scale producers. They aim to set up a close relationship with the producers so that fair pricing, quality and quantity can be openly discussed and in this way set up sustainable, equal and fair trading.
Spa Terminus
On Saturdays from 9 until 2, we sell cheese from the arches in Bermondsey and we are joined by other food producers.
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